2017 LAWTE Biennial Conference

“LAWTE’s Sweet Spot: Teaching, Learning and Supporting Animal Welfare” will be held at the Hershey Lodge in Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA from June 13-16, 2017.

Learn more about the Hershey and Harrisburg areas.













It is time for the LAWTE  to nominate candidates for the positions of Treasurer and Secretary.  The officers are elected for a two-year period beginning in January 2018 and ending in December 2019.

Treasurer Duties include:

i.     Receive membership dues and all other monies of the organization.

ii.    Shall bank all monies in accordance with good business practices and on behalf of the organization.

iii.   Pay all obligations of the organization as authorized or approved by the Executive Committee.

iv.   File all applicable tax forms with state and federal governments, following Executive Committee approval of said forms.

v.   Maintain the financial records of the organization and present all financial statements and records to the Executive Committee at each meeting.

vi.   Submit, following the end of the fiscal year, a financial report showing income and expenses for the fiscal years in which office was held.


Secretary Duties inlcude:

i.     Keep the minutes of the meetings of the Executive Committee.

ii.    Maintain the historical files for the organization.

iii.   Send notices of scheduled meetings and LAWTE events to the Executive Committee and/or general membership.

iv.   Submit, at the end of their term, a report on the activities of the organization over the two-year period, including a report of the biennial meeting.

v.   Serve as the primary liaison for partnered organizations.


Nominees must be an active LAWTE member to be a candidate. Self-nominations are acceptabe. You can search the current membership database at (membership Info).  Nominations will be managed by Kim Champ. Please send your nominations by email to or fax to 714-246-2356 (please use a cover letter), or mail to Kimberly Champ  at 2525 Dupont Drive, RD3-1A, Irvine CA 92612. Nominations must be received by July 16th, 2017.


LAWTE Booth Stops

The LAWTE Booth is on the move! If you have an event coming up, consider hosting the LAWTE booth at your venue. Click LAWTE Booth Information for further instructions.

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